1z0-068 模擬問題集、Oracle Database 12C: RAC And Grid Infrastructure Administration


NO.1 Which statement is true concerning the installation of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c
patchset and its status during the installation?
A. When performing rolling patches, crsctl query crs softwareversion always displays the lowest
version of the software running anywhere in the cluster
B. When performing rolling patches, the VIPs for the node being patched are relocated to another
C. Some grid infrastructure patchsets may not be installed in a rolling fashion.
D. They can be applied in-place.
Answer: A

1z0-068 講座   
To check the software versions on a single node. Software version is the lastest version installed in on
an cluster.
You would use this option when you do the rolling upgrade.
$ crsctl query crs softwareversion [hostname]

NO.2 Which two statements are true about initialization parameters for Clustered ASM instances?
A. The ASM_DISKGROUP parameter is optional.
B. ASM_POWER_LIMIT controls the number of RDBMS instances that can access a disk group while it
is being rebalanced.
C. A change to ASM_DISKSTRING requires a restart of all ASM instances for the change to take effect.
D. The default value of INSTANT_TYPE is ASM.
E. The maximum value of ASM_POWER_LIMIT is 1024.
Answer: A,E

1z0-068 回答   
C: The default value of theASM_DISKGROUPS parameter is a NULL string. If the parameter value is
NULL or is not specified, then ASM does not mount any disk groups.
E: The ASM_POWER_LIMIT initialization parameter specifies the default power for disk rebalancing in
a disk group.
The range of values is 0 to 1024.

NO.3 Which two components must always be defined or specified by an administrator to make an
application highly available using Oracle 12c Clusterware?
A. A Server Pool
B. an application VIP
C. a resource dependency definition
D. a script agent
E. an application resource
Answer: D,E

1z0-068 テスト   
Oracle Clusterware manages applications when they are registered as resources with
OracleClusterware. Oracle
Clusterware has access to application-specific primitives that have the ability to start, stop, and
monitor a specific resource. Oracle Clusterware runs all resource-specific commands through an
entity called an agent.
Note: When initializing the agent framework, if any of the mandatory entry points are not provided,
then the agent framework invokes a script pointed to by the ACTION_SCRIPT resource attribute.

NO.4 Which three statements are true regarding ACFS snapshots in Oracle 12c ASM?
A. They can be administered using ASMCM
B. They can only be accessed whenthe file system is mounted.
C. They are always point-in-time copies of the parent file system.
D. You can create a snapshot from an existing snapshot.
E. All ACFS snapshot operations for all filesystem are serialized clusterwide.
F. They are contained in a directory on thesame volume as their parent file system.
Answer: B,D,E

1z0-068 取得   1z0-068 対策   
All Oracle ACFS snapshot operations are serialized clusterwide in the kernel.
You chose to create a snapshot image on an existing snapshot group, select a snapshot group from
the existing snapshot group table (make sure you select a snapshot group that has not reached its
maximum limit of snapshot images).
Before you can access the files on a file system, you need to mount the file system.
Window_Help/create_PIT_image.html(Creating a Snapshot image 3rd point, 1st line).
https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/805-7228/6j6q7ueup/index.html(1st paragraph, 1st line).

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