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NO.1 You run an ad-supported photo sharing website using S3 to serve photos to visitors of your
site. At some
point you find out that other sites have been linking to the photos on your site, causing loss to your
What is an effective method to mitigate this?
A. Store photos on an EBS volume of the web server
B. Block the IPs of the offending websites in Security Groups.
C. Remove public read access and use signed URLs with expiry dates.
D. Use CloudFront distributions for static content.
Answer: C

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NO.2 A user has created an application which sends data to a log file. The server hosting the log files
can be
unavailable due to any reason. The user wants to make it so that whenever the log server is up it
be receiving the messages. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps achieve this
A. AWS Simple Workflow
B. AWS Simple Notification Service
C. AWS Simple Queue Service
D. AWS Simple Task Service
Answer: C

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Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fast, reliable, scalable, and fully managed message queuing
service. SQS provides a simple and cost-effective way to decouple the components of an application.
user can use SQS to transmit any volume of data without losing messages or requiring other services
always be available. Using SQS, the application has to just send the data to SQS and SQS transmits it
the log file whenever it is available.

NO.3 Which statements about DynamoDB are true? Choose 2 answers
A. DynamoDB uses conditional writes for consistency
B. DynamoDB restricts item access during writes
C. DynamoDB uses optimistic concurrency control
D. DynamoDB restricts item access during reads
E. DynamoDB uses a pessimistic locking model
Answer: A,C

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NO.4 In DynamoDB, what type of HTTP response codes indicate that a problem was found with the
request sent to the service?
A. 200 HTTP response code
B. 306 HTTP response code
C. 4xx HTTP response code
D. 5xx HTTP response code
Answer: C

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